RoboNet Planet Search - Microlens Priority Generator

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Site:Long.° E    Lat.° N    Elev.m
Extinction (mag/airmass)Mean dark sky brightness @ zenith (mag/[]")
Aperture (m)Thruput (%)
Bandwidth (A)QE (%)
Pixel (as)Maximum exposure time (s)
Gain (e-/adu)RON (adu)
Bias (adu)Saturation (adu)
Readout time (s)Slew time (s)
Data file:
PSPL parameters from:   SIGNALMEN fit      PLENS fit      OGLE fit      MOA fit      All fits
Last data point from:   SIGNALMEN (ALL)      PLENS      OGLE      MOA      RoboNet
Date/time of begining of observations:    N.B. priorities will be calculated for middle of observing session (of length 'hours/night' as below).
  ddmmyyyy:  UT::
  JD:  Meridian (observations centred on transit of centre of OGLE fields)
  Now.  Tonight (observations centred on local midnight)
  Whenever visible (As per 'meridian' but calculates hours/night fields are above airmass=2. Overrides hours/night input below)
Observing conditions:
Sky (mag/[]")   (calculated from lunar phase model if left blank)
Seeing - psf_fwhm(as)Hours/night
Planet detection:
Mass RatioDeltaChi2
Minimum A0Minimum normalised integrated priority
Forced magnitude limitMinimum instantaneous priority
  Allocated time to anomalous events? (those listed by SIGNALMEN/ROBONET as anomalies)
Produce optimised target list for the whole night:
Produce real-time list of best events to observe:


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